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segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012

Silicon Dreams (8 of 9)

  • “Innovation Ingredients” at IDEO, Pier 28 Annex, The Embarcadero San Francisco
At IDEO we found our ticket.
Rather than describing the deeply inspiring atmosphere and message, the story behind the shopping cart concept done for ABC’s nightline (which you can see below), we leave you with the IDEO’s guiding principles and now ours:
    • Defer Judgement
    • Encourage Wild Ideas
    • Build on the Ideas of Others
    • Stay Focused on Topic
    • One Conversation at a Time
    • Be Visual
    • Go for Quantity

Are these guys design thinking or is Design Thinking IDEO?
Disruptively encouraging:
    • It’s not about how much we earn, it’s about how much we learn
    • The longer you are at IDEO the less you know what you are doing
    • Bring your passions to work
    • You are your own brand
    • Strategy is a reflection, not a vision
    • We don’t know what’s the destination but we have a great sense of direction

In summary, this company defends that Cultures of Innovation are Cultures of Learning, that Entrepreneurship is a Mindset, not a Startup and that… eventually… The Network Takes Over, The Company Dies.
A big lesson for a crowdfunding startup like PPL Crowdfunding Portugal.

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