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segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012

Silicon Dreams (5 of 9)

  • “How to position yourself in Silicon Valley” – at Silicon Valley Bank
With a panel of foreign entrepreneurs moderated by Mark White of White Summers Caffe & James LLP, Dirk Lueth (from Entarena), Rodolfo Vargas (from Eye IO), Jordi Argente (from New Market Venture Management)  and Andy Tsao from Silicon Valley Bank gave us relevant advice on strategy to success in Silicon Valley.

Some of the relevant notes and myths revealed and confirmed:
    • Yes, it takes 12 to 15 months to establish a solid network in the valley
    • You do need working capital in order to sustain yourself and the team during that period
    • There is a requirement to acquire funding in the US, you must show relevant US clients and an operation that is successful in the US
    • US investors consider foreign entrepreneurs only if they move over to the US to continue their business
    • You may consider this option, but a critical success factor to accomplish this is traction in your home country.
Needless to say you should be prepared to work very hard and be able to handle the incredible speed of events. It pays to stay up to date with all the news, the ins and outs of the tech startup world.
Emphasis given to the signing of the JOBS Act by President Obama and the passing into law of Crowdfunding Equity based, which will create a considerable shift in the funding markets.

A good reference is always Kauffman’s Foundation StartupDigest
  • Cisco’s M&A and Strategy & Innovation strategy
Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn (Vice-President/General Manager) and Tiago da Costa Silva (Project Manager, IT) presented us several ideas and the core of Cisco’s guiding lines for their strategic approach to the market.

The insights were relevant and applicable to any industry, asking us to stay alert to the world around us:
    • Trends and Opportunities to watch out for:
      • Pervasive video – in 2014, 91% of traffic on the network will be video
      • Communication is the main resource driver
      • Mobility will become mainstream
      • Globalization is in everyone’s backyard
      • For Cisco, the top five priorities are all related with “The New Frontier in Networking”:
        • Collaboration tools
        • Video (video conferencing anywhere)
        • Data Centre and virtualization. Cloud services become mainstream.
        • The technical architecture becomes more relevant to support complex functionality
        • Core routing and switching services will continue to be Cisco’s core business
In their own words, Cisco invests, not because they have to be first in any given market or trend, but because they better be there when the biggest wave hits, otherwise one can be crushed.

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