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segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012

Silicon Dreams (2 of 9)

Visit to University of San Francisco (USF)
  • Design Thinking Innovation with John Stoddard
Intro to Design Thinking at IDEO and into our organizations.

“Make the right thing to do, the easy thing to do”.

Later in our trip we visited IDEO itself and felt in person the spirit John referred to often. In short, Design Thinking let’s you incorporate the entire customer experience from the very beginning of his relationship with your organization.
“Your journey starts here” applies to all our businesses.

Interesting examples from the air travel industry refer to how an airline considers the reservations and payment processes to be critical for the customer experience of flying with them as well as the car parking satisfaction of the client, because his journey obviously starts considerably earlier to boarding the flight.
Similar out of the box thinking, led IDEO to adopt an experimental strategy for airport security which has yielded significant results and is now being applied at several other facilities. The technique is simple enough, yet incredibly effective. At critical security points in an airport, where travellers are inspected and security checked, officers are trained to treat people… extremely nicely! Correct, they are just very polite! Result: conspicuous characters are left uncomfortable whilst everyone else joins in the good mood. Body heat scanners and the trained eye more easily detect these characters that require further investigation.

At IDEO, there is no vacation policy. Employees are free to take vacation as often as desired and for as long as desired. The savings regarding scheduling, approvals and workflows are considerable, employee satisfaction is positively affected and a sense of professional responsibility avoids any potential delivery impact.

  • Project Coaching, Elevator Pitch and Sales Pitch Skills with Mark Cannice (Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at USF) and Dave Epstein (Epstein Advisors, Venture Capital & Private Equity)

Remember Zuckerberg: “Code wins arguments”.

If you show or better yet, if you do, you prove right or wrong. If you promise, all you have is an intention and that may prove to be no reference as to any final outcome.

Our elevator pitch preparation sessions, followed by actual pitch to the 2 experts proved a valuable lesson in evolving our presentation and key message of PPL Crowdfunding Portugal.

In short: “PPL Crowdfunding is an engaging meeting room for entrepreneurial projects to find funds, resources and co-creators. Think Crowdfunding meets Crowdsourcing, Kickstarter meets Amazon Turks”.
Our pitch practice and feedback came at a perfect timing as we would resort to this skill frequently over the time at San Francisco, San Jose and Palo Alto.

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