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sexta-feira, 2 de março de 2012


One of the greatest resources of the internet is its ability to harness the power of the crowd.

The latest buzzword is "crowdfunding", coming up with an idea and turning it over to the web community to see if they are willing to finance it.

Mr Lin wants to use crowdfunding for a very niche and currently underfunded area of medical research - rare diseases.

Jimmy Lin in his lab

It is estimated that 250 million people in the world suffer from a rare disease - defined in the US as a condition which affects fewer than 200,000 patients.

Many are what Mr Lin describes as medical "orphans" wandering from hospital to hospital in search of someone who is able to throw light on their condition.

Mr Lin's day job as a genome sequencer at the University of Washington inspired him to create raregenomics.org, a website aimed at giving patients with these diseases access to experts in the field, and to offer them a chance to crowdfund research into their conditions.

The website is in its infancy and currently supports just 30 patients, but Mr Lin hopes that will grow to 1,000 in five years.

"Once we solve the problems of one family, that makes it easier for future patients," he said.

in http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17114720

At PPL Crowdfunding Portugal (www.ppl.com.pt) we have our own scientific research in Madagascar. Marion has a great project to study Lemurs. 

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